Our Botanicals

Handpicked from around the world

13 of the finest botanicals

There are 13 of the finest, ethically and sustainably sourced botanicals in every bottle. Handpicked from around the world, what makes our gin unique is that it is the world’s first Oolong tea infused chai spiced gin. The Oolong White tea gives our gin its sweet taste and a unique profile which produces a rich, yet clean and fresh gin.

Other botanicals include fresh juniper berries, zesty fresh lemon peel, caraway seeds, cubeb peppers, angelica roots, coriander seeds, cardamom, cinnamon, liquorice, star-anise, fresh sweet orange peel and cloves. Before stepping up to dance with first flush Oolong white tea and Organic Vetiver creating a rich, earthy, woody and smokey flavour.