Rutland Square Gin

Our Botanicals

There are 13 of the finest, ethically, and sustainably sourced botanicals in every bottle. Handpicked from around the world, what makes our gin unique is that it is the world’s first Oolong tea infused chai spiced gin. The Oolong White tea gives our gin its sweet taste and a unique profile which produces a rich, yet clean and fresh gin.

Juniper Berries

Juniper, thriving in Scotland's wild terrain, imparts a piney aroma and a subtly citrusy flavour.

oolong White tea

As the key botanical, our homegrown Oolong White Tea imparts a delicate and floral sophistication, elevating the gin with a nuanced and refined essence.

Caraway seeds

Lend a warm, earthy undertone, enriching the gin with a subtle and aromatic complexity.

Cubeb peppers

Cubeb peppers contribute a peppery and piquant flair, imparting a distinctive spiciness to the beverage.

Angelica Roots

Angelica roots contribute a subtle earthiness, enhancing the gin with a smooth and herbal depth.

coriander seeds

Coriander seeds add a robust touch and a hint of citrus complexity to the gin, enhancing its aromatic character.


Brings a warm, aromatic spice, enriching the spirit with an exotic and flavorful twist.


Adds a warm and aromatic touch, imparting a cozy and spicy nuance to the spirit.


Liquorice imparts a sweet and earthy essence, elevating the gin with subtle richness and complexity.


Delicately weaves a sweet, liquorice-like essence, bestowing with a uniquely aromatic and distinctive profile.


Cloves add a warm and spicy depth, infusing the gin with a rich and aromatic complexity.

orange peel

Orange peel imparts a lively citrus zest, contributing a subtly bright and tangy taste.

Zesty Lemon peel

Infuses a vibrant burst of citrus essence, elevating the profile of this gin with refreshing brightness.