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Where East Meets West: A Fusion of Cultures in Every Bottle

At Rutland Square, we embody the exquisite fusion of Eastern tradition and Western craftsmanship, creating not just a unique gin but an unparalleled experience. Our Rutland Square Gin is a testament to this blend, offering a taste that is both distinct and memorable.

Our gin’s distinctive character comes from the first flush leaves of Oolong white tea, meticulously handpicked in the lush fields of Dibrugarh, Assam. This choice ingredient imparts a complex, sweet, malty flavour, complemented by a subtly smoky aroma, setting our gin apart in both taste and bouquet.

Crafted in Edinburgh by the city’s most esteemed artisans, our Rutland Square Gin marries centuries-old traditions with an unmatched attention to detail. This harmonious blend of two cultures results in a gin that is not only a joy to sip but carries with it a rich family heritage.

Each bottle of Rutland Square Gin is a journey from the enchanting East to the sophisticated West, promising an experience as captivating as the story behind it. Embrace the legacy, savour the fusion, and enjoy a gin that transcends boundaries.
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Chai Spiced Gin


13 of the finest botanicals from around the world in every bottle.

Cultural Blend

Sharp and sweet on the nose, lightly spiced with Caraway Seed, Scottish Juniper, cubeb pepper with floral Oolong notes.

Unique Flavour

Distilled to perfection using century-old copper pot London dry method, our gin features handpicked Oolong White tea from Assam, INDIA


Our Oolong White tea undergoes meticulous hand-plucking in Assam and is expertly crafted at our Edinburgh distillery using traditional craft Scottish methods.


Our gin celebrates a partnership with 14 skilled women, whose precision in tea handling ensures our gin's premium quality while addressing gender and wage disparities in Eastern Assam. Each bottle sold supports fair wages and empowerment, honoring their hard work and contributing to a fairer world. “Choose more than just a premium drink; choose empowerment, one sip at a time,” encapsulates our mission. Join us in making a difference, enjoying a gin that stands for excellence and ethical practices, transforming lives one bottle at a time.

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A long journey Distilled in Scotland with inspiration and a legacy from our Indian history. Savour 13 of the finest, ethically and sustainably sourced botanicals from around the world.

This unique gin can be sipped on its own or part of a carefully crafted cocktail.

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Nose: Initial it of Juniper and citrus, followed star anise and caraway giving a hint of spice and earthy smoke.

Pallet: A flavour journey starting with the juniper and citrus gives away to the bold sweet spice of caraway, star anise and cinnamon. Balance is provided by clove, black pepper, and cardamom. The result is a soft spiced earthy tone from vetiver and the white oolong tea.

Finish: Long and dry, with a mix of floral and nuttiness.

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