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Inspired by our rich family history.

Tej Ram Bawa

Rutland Square Gin is inspired by a rich family story and history. Great-Grandfather Tej Ram Bawa, was an Indian spirit entrepreneur and visionary. Tej started his journey in Assam, India, the land of tea farms. In his early days as a teenager he worked in the forest department until his entrepreneurial spirit led him to start his own business blending and creating spirits.

Tej would buy single malt whisky from the British officers stationed in Assam and blend it with his local whisky, obsessively mixing and layering tastes and aromas. He cultivated his skills as a craftsman of liquor, creating a complex blend adapted to the subtle Indian palate. His enterprise was at its peak when Britain left India which resulted in changes to the licencing act which forced him to shut his doors.

Rutland Square pays homage to our great-grandfather Tej, taking inspiration from his vision, reviving his legacy and the family enterprise.

Our timeline

Great-grandfather Tej Ram Bawa started blending spirits in Assam, India in 1940.

His business was at its peak until in 1985 the Government changes its local regulation and prohibits the production of spirits locally.

The idea of a new family enterprise is planted while sipping gin in a cigar club in India.

R&D for spirit & liquor Started 2017

2020 Rutland Square Gin was born